Friday, January 22, 2010


A barrage of tweets hails the victory of civil rights over the religious Right in Hawaii

by Larry Geller

Hawaii’s legislature has a record of progressive lawmaking that fits the temper of the Islands. We are mostlysunshine liberal at heart. Although there are dark clouds above as the death toll mounts in Haiti, and despite the adjustment in Massachusetts as Obama supporters sent the boss a clear message, a ray of sunlight shone into the Hawaii State Capitol today.

Thank goodness for Twitter. I was on the road, but tweets from @hawaiisenate liveblogging the debate on the civil unions bill came rushing into my cell phone. It was almost like being there, but without the parking hassle.

A short time after the roll-call vote was tweeted, the breaking news was everywhere on Twitter:

Hawaii Senate approves same-sex civil unions, setting stage for final passage by House and showdown with GOP Gov. Lingle – AP

And to think, I remember when phones were big, black objects on the desk or the wall, with metal dials and bells inside, and twitter wasn’t even a figment of the imagination. Now I have a social network tool in my pocket that goes where I go, eats what I eat, etc.

Isn’t science wonderful?

The bill isn’t law yet, but today it overcame a major hurdle. Forces against passage will redouble, with threats to lawmakers escalating. There is little chance that the White Shirts will go back to their churches and lick their wounds. Quite the opposite, next comes the Crusade.

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I think that this is one of the few times that I have felt proud of the Hawai'i Legislature. Standing for equal rights for all Hawai'i's citizens is the only vote. May the bigots return to their churches and live as they wish, but the rest of Hawai'i is moving forward with pride and Aloha.

Gives new meaning to "a little bgirdie told me"...

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