Sunday, January 17, 2010


Australian feed-in tariff poised to bring big bucks to Australians who feed the grid with rooftop solar

by Larry Geller

In Hawaii we talk about alternative energy, but other places are moving on it. Check this out, for example:

Australians Will Be Able to Earn $10,000 a Year Supplying Grid From Rooftop Solar

The New South Wales government has just introduced a Solar Bonus Scheme that could have residents earning as much as $10,000 a year to send clean electricity to the grid from solar panels on their own roofs. The incentive is a Feed-in Tariff like the one that was so popular in Germany that they ran out of solar panels last year, and that shook up the global solar market when Spain introduced theirs a few years ago, because they paid enough so that average homeowners could earn money…

Check these earlier articles on feed-in tariffs.

Heck, we’ve got the sunshine, but we’ve also got HECO, a company that so far makes its money burning fossil fuels, in possession of the power grid.

What will it take so that you could turn your rooftop into a personal revenue source? Will Hawaii’s current plans permit you to change the sunshine on your roof into $10,000 in your pocket? Figure it out and then let’s get busy.



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