Thursday, January 07, 2010


Advertiser catches up on trash pileup

by Larry Geller

Did the story in today’s Advertiser on the condition of Honolulu’s trash piling up in torn bags look familiar? If you read Ian Lind’s blog, it should—he broke that news, complete with photos, a week ago in Torn plastic wrapping on bales of Honolulu trash waiting to be shipped to Oregon signal problems, (, 12/31/2009).

The newspaper added detail, such as the extent of the gnat problem, but Ian included references needed to understand the story, such as a link to the compliance agreement and an excerpt showing that the garbage needs to be rebaled. Two earlier Advertiser stories did not catch the torn bales at all.

These days, to stay informed, it’s good to check out your favorite blogs as well as a daily newspaper. The future of journalism, short-term anyway, is likely to be a synergy of media—blogs and newspapers and television. That’s how it worked for the Chinatown rat issue. On the garbage problem, Ian was in the lead on this story I believe, and the others can now pick up the trail and add to it.

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