Saturday, December 19, 2009


School furloughs, rats, election budget cuts make the New York Times

by Larry Geller

Hawaii is in the national news, but it’s not a pretty picture. An AP story by Mark Niesse is in the Sunday edition. The web version is here. That extra coverage should push the rat video to over 25,000 views overnight.

The story lets the nation know that Hawaii has currently the shortest school year in the nation, that food goes uninspected, and that we don’t even have enough money to run an election.

(Thanks to Anonymous commenter who spotted this article)


Re: “This is not good government,” said Larry Geller, the Internet blogger and political watchdog who posted the rat video. Other states are struggling with the same problems, Mr. Geller said, but in Hawaii, “I think the choices have been poorly made.”

Oh yeah, powerful quote.

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