Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Rats, no inspections at night

by Larry Geller

Update: For visitors from KHON and Advertiser websites looking for the video of the Chinatown rats:

First article, including video is here

Second article is here

KHON story is here: Video Shows Chinatown Rats In New Light

Honolulu Advertiser story is here: Internet video of rats in Hawaii's Chinatown prompts inspections

I haven’t had any direct reply from the Dept. of Health to the rat video I sent over, but KHON learned today that DOH inspectors won’t work at night.

Duh… if you want to catch a rat, what good is inspecting during the day, when the rats are asleep?

Check out the KHON News tonight to learn more, assuming that Tiger Woods doesn’t make any new revelations or anything important like that.

More later.

Update: The story was top of the 6 p.m. news. Pretty good. Now, if those of you reading this could write a short letter to the editor, or contact DOH and perhaps your own legislators, we can help protect our food supply. It isn’t just the one shop I visited, of course. Hawaii needs nighttime inspections.



To be honest, I'm not really surprised about it, I don't have high thoughts of DOH at all...

I live near a care home in Waipahu, and the person running that care home has roach infestations, ants, rats and birds on the attic, and god knows what else inside that house. It is no wonder really as she leaves uncovered food out all the time (meat, bread, fish, whatever, it is often rotting already before people get rid of it), it stinks incredibly down there, she hardly cleans her stuff as she is out most of the time (leaving her clients alone), on top of it all she also collects a LOT of garbage (she thinks she can use the stuff apparently, even if it is old and broken).

In August they (DOH, HFD and such) did the yearly check on her care home, and she is still in business.. how is that even possible? She is taking care of 4 or 5 elderly people (well, if she is home, they're often home alone) and even though DOH has been checking on her for quite a few times, nothing ever changes.. she continues to run her business, leaving her patients (and tenants too) at serious risks for their health.. how is this even possible? I really don't understand it, and at the same time it is why I am not surprised about the things happening in Chinatown.. DOH doesn't seem to be willing to take it's job serious, if they let this lady continue to run her business, then I kind of doubt they will do something about that in Chinatown..

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