Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Rat infested market building owned by Honolulu City and County

by Larry Geller

I thought I’d check on the ownership of the building housing the Chinatown market where the rat video was taken. One of the media reports mentioned it was owned by the City.

It turns out to be very easy to check. There’s a Google mashup that lets anyone do the research literally in seconds. It takes longer to explain than to do it.

So the owner of the market is our very own City and County.

While the State has a clear responsibility to inspect (although how they will do that after the Governor decimates the Vector Control branch of the Department of Health isn’t clear), doesn’t the landlord have a responsibility to clean it up?

The little rat trap in the TV coverage is a joke, nor is it the vendor’s responsibility to collect and kill the rats in that market. It would take professionals to do it. If the landlord cared. Those rats are still there, nothing has been done to reduce their number that has been made public.

The Mayor’s Complaint office is (808) 523-4381, and Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s office number is listed as (808) 523-4141.


Oh, man, you're all over this story, Larry!

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