Thursday, December 31, 2009


Public protests save Molokai Clubhouse

by Larry Geller


Yes! You did it!

At the very last minute, the Molokai Clubhouse has been saved. The last remaining staff person, due to lose his job today, has been extended. The report I received was that the position is good until July 2011.

So thanks to everyone who called or emailed to make this happen. This includes members of the various mental health advocacy organizations and Rotary members.

It shouldn’t be like this. There is no excuse in my book for putting the burden of the state’s fiscal crises so heavily on its most vulnerable citizens (the original story is here).

Nor is the Clubhouse in the clear yet. It has expenses, and how long can one staff member keep everything running?

Still, public pressure works, and I hope everyone who emailed or Superman called to keep the Molokai Clubhouse open, especially those who don’t live on Molokai, will appreciate the power that they have shown they have.

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