Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Legislators ask Governor to release money immediately to end Furlough Fridays

by Larry Geller

A letter written by Rep. Karl Rhoads to Governor Linda Lingle asking her to immediately release the funds to end Furlough Fridays has earned the signatures of one senator and five other House members so far: Sen. Carol Fukunaga, Reps. Joe Bertram, Gil Keith-Agaran, Sylvia Luke, Mark Takai and Glenn Wakai.

A copy is below. I’m sure that any organizations or groups willing to join with this effort could print a copy and forward it to the Governor as well.

The message is straightforward: we agree that the furloughs should end, so release the money immediately so that the keiki can learn.

Although the use of the rainy day fund to offset at least some of the furlough days is on the table, some social service and advocacy groups oppose that proposal because it would remove the option of using some of that money to shore up Hawaii’s social safety net.

This letter calls on the Governor to release the funds so that Hawaii’s children will not be made to suffer because the Governor and Legislature may not agree on spending priorities.




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