Monday, January 11, 2010


Just a link to the rat video

It’s here, Honolulu Chinatown after Dark, in case that’s what you came for. It’s now more than 28,000 views and still going… it’s been picked up by a couple of university public health groups too. And tens of thousands of views via the newspaper and TV web pages.


maybe you could take you camera out to the waianae cost next

let's see the extent of the homeless problem first hand

The take:

Chinatown rats: Manufactured chaos (Homelessness Industry at work)

Leaving one of my favorite restaurants in Chinatown, I was appalled at what the owners must contend with outside their doors: neighboring markets leaving their rubbish, people sleeping with their pets nearby, etc. Complaints to the Sanitation Branch have met with unsuccessful results.

Larry, you doggone agitator. You've really done it now, look for Mufi to stomp in there and bring the rats to justice and use it to help his gubernatorial desires.

Mufi might scare them away. Good idea.

24,000, you're on a roll, Larry.

You're highlighted in the NYT today:

Mufi better watch out when it comes to rats. To date, the score is Rats: 1, Mayors: 0. Remember when there were complaints of rats running freely in & around the banyan down in Waikiki near the Duke statue? Remember when Mayor Harris, pooh-poohing the whole thing, went down there to snuff out the problem & had a rat run up his leg?

I forgot about the Harris thing. Thanks for reminding me, and for the link to the NY Times! I'll go have a peek at that now.

saw the video, great job. only one thing, RATS are everywhere. even in 5 star restaurants, maybe not as bad, but their there. i would never eat in china town simply because u would know from birth what the place is like, not saying the food taste bad because of it but u know it's not clean there. just walk around and look at the buildings. same thing said for all the ghetto areas in america. been through many of them, ate in lots of places, nit the cleanest areas, not the safest but still u get good food. china town is the same thing, regardless if hawaii, SF, LA, etc

Hey, Larry, your story is mentioned today (1/2/09) in the Los Angeles Times,

"For the first time in a decade, the number of Hawaiians receiving welfare benefits has increased. Crime is up on the island of Oahu this year, even as it fell nationwide. And as if things weren't discouraging enough, an army of rats in Honolulu's Chinatown is afflicting the already beleaguered restaurant trade."


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