Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Elections Commission teleconference meeting tomorrow on special election, more

A meeting of the Elections Commission is scheduled for Wednesday, December 30, 10:00 a.m at a state videoconference center on each island (see the meeting notice for locations).

The agenda includes discussion on a special election for the Congressional District 1 Representative seat when Rep. Neil Abercrombie resigns, and recruiting a new Chief Election Officer.

As readers know, the state of Hawaii is currently unable to hold an election of any kind due to a 94% cut of the Office of Elections budget, several lawsuits blocking procurement of equipment, and the resignation of the Chief Election Officer.

Since the meeting is to be held via teleconference, there is an opportunity for anyone on a Neighbor Island to participate or to observe, simply by showing up at one of the sites given in the hearing notice. The Open Meetings Law means that everyone must be given a chance to submit testimony, which may be oral or written or both.


Will there be a recording of the call?

Not that I am aware of. And I have a conflict and can't be there myself. But if someone does record it, I'll try to get a copy. If the Election Commission itself does record it, the recording should be a public record and obtainable.

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