Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hot news: Blackwater conducting operations in Pakistan that are more secretive than the CIA’s

by Larry Geller

According to reporter Jeremy Scahill, even Obama may not know what Blackwater is doing in Pakistan:

Blackwater is also said to be involved in a previously undisclosed U.S. military drone campaign that has killed scores of people inside Pakistan. The article says the program has become so secretive that top Obama administration and military officials have likely been unaware of its existence. [Democracy Now, Blackwater’s Secret War in Pakistan: Jeremy Scahill Reveals Private Military Firm Operating in Pakistan Under Covert Assassination and Kidnapping Program, 11/24/2009]

Scahill’s article posted last night on The Nation’s website, Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan, is hot on the tweetosphere. Be sure to read Scahill’s article, not someone else’s summary. The Democracy Now interview is a good introduction.

There’s a lot there about US use of private contractors to conduct bombing raids against key individual targets even if civilians also die, while claiming we are not at war in Pakistan. If indeed the President is not aware of these operations, it presents the question of who is actually running our wars around the world.

Also, why are ordinary Americans not concerned that, as Scahill reports, the dronemasters don’t mind taking out 34 civilians in order to score one high-value target? If we continue to be silent, are we not all complicit?

To much of the world it is not the Taliban but the US who are viewed as the terrorists. This article on Blackwater is but another chapter in world history that will haunt us for generations.


I feel ill! Obama is an empty spin machine fronting a Democratic Party that has run its biggest scam on the American people for its corporations!

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