Thursday, October 01, 2009


Office of elections takes baby step to appease the judge

by Larry Geller

Hawaii’s Office of Elections has finally responded to Judge Joseph Cardoza’s order handed down orally in May. An addendum was added to the RFP for voting machines, posted on the Office of Elections website, and emailed to all legislators today.

As we wrote earlier, the judge forbid the state from including language creating rules in the RFP instead of first promulgating administrative rules as Hawaii law requires (see: Motion filed in state court to block voting machine RFP). What this addendum seems to do is leave the RFP alive with the objectionable language intact, but postpone deadlines.

The second paragraph seems a hollow sympathy move, given the time between the May ruling and the date of the addendum, and I don’t see how procurement could go ahead with the objectionable language intact.

Of course, we have to see how the judge rules on the motion before him.


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