Thursday, October 01, 2009


Hawaii kids win 50,000 new books

by Larry Geller

I’m not sure where the credit for this goes, it was one of those “Send this email to everyone you know” annoyances.  But wait… 50,000 new books for whichever state wins? So ok, I voted, and apparently plenty others did too. Hawaii won! Books! For kids! Yay! There must have been a great campaign going, and I don’t even know who was behind it. (click pic to go to website)


How does this work? Will the books go to libraries? Schools? Will a huge pile just show up at the airport? Will they be sent postage due?

Will someone who knows about this please explain? Thanks.

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I voted a bunch of times too. I hope it's not 50,000 copies of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue."


I got literally around 40 seperate emals from at least eight or nine diffternt people on it- to the point that it was becomming annoying. No wonder it worked.

I asked in the blog post what it is all about not because I am too lazy to do the research, but because their web page had a database access error when I looked for "Contact us" information. Mid-morning today it worked, though, and I emailed. If there is no reply I'll call them.

I did get a reply... more later.

First Book is in negotiations with local organizations on how to distribute the 50,000 books throughout the state. There is a local advisory board, First Book-Oahu, who will also be involved with distribution on Oahu and the neighbor islands. You can follow them on Twitter at @FirstBookOahu.

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