Monday, October 05, 2009


A cure for migraines and kids’ curiosity

by Larry Geller

This seems to be constantly disappearing news. It comes up every so often and disappears again.

It seems that sex can cure migraine headaches. Maybe better than the pills that medical science prescribes. Yet the treatment remains controversial. As this discussion concludes:

"You can't grab somebody in the office and say, 'Hey, it's a medical emergency!'" [ABC News, Headaches and Sex: "Yes, Tonight Dear", 2/5/2008]

My curiosity was, er, aroused by this recent article that has achieved wide circulation on the Web: Love’s not the only reason women have sex. With a title like that, you can bet the article, and the University of Texas study on which it is based, will get lots of attention. Readers will include both men and women, and guess what—kids too. The secrets are out, revealed by Google searches and by bloggers endlessly quoting each other.

The kids will find out that “Eighty-four percent of wives, at some point, said they had sex out of a sense of duty, compared with 64 percent of husbands.” Wait till the little ones get home from school and question their parents. The article will give them all kinds of new and useful ideas. For example, how sex can be used for “getting their partners to take out the trash.” Wait till mom or dad have to answer on that one.

I was mainly curious about the last finding cited in the article, “Fifty percent of women reported having sex to cure a migraine headache.” Really? What about men and their headaches? (The ABC News story provided most of the answers).

Neither article would go near the concept of prescription vibrators. Or if this finding might influence singles bar conversation, for example. “Uh, oh, I feel a migraine coming on, you busy tonight?” Tags: , , ,


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