Monday, September 28, 2009


Truth and lying in today’s politics

by Larry Geller

Thanks to Randy for pointing me, in comments to an earlier article, to this fine article, The Politics of Lying and the Culture of Deceit in Obama's America: The Rule of Damaged Politics.

Since many readers do not check comments, I want to highlight the article here.

It’s very hard to snip from, but how about this to whet your appetite to read the full article:

…In such circumstances, language loses any viable sense of referentiality, while lying, misrepresentation and the deliberate denial of truth become acceptable practices firmly entrenched in the wild West of talk radio, cable television and the dominant media. Fact finding, arguments bolstered by evidence and informed analysis have always been fragile entities, but they risk annihilation in a culture in which it becomes difficult to distinguish between an opinion and an argument. Knowledge is increasingly controlled by a handful of corporations and public relations firms and is systemically cleansed of any complexity. Lying and deceitfulness are all too often viewed as just another acceptable tactic in what has become most visibly the pathology of politics and a theater of cruelty dominated by a growing chorus of media hatemongers inflaming an authoritarian populist rage laced with a not too subtle bigotry.

Check it out.

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