Monday, September 07, 2009


Sinking of Superferry 9

by Larry Geller

For those of you who have tuned Google Alerts to the word “Superferry,” this is not news, but for others, the alerts this weekend have been very sad and disturbing—A Philippine ferry boat, Superferry 9, went down with more than 1000 people aboard.

It is a great tragedy, and fortunately, most of the passengers were saved.

One of the latest accounts (there are plenty on Google News) is this article in the Philippine Inquirer, Just like the Titanic minus the icebergs.

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It's worth pointing out, to y/our local audience especially, that even though the name of the stricken vessel is nearly the same, there is no connection between this ship and the now-defunct Hawaii Superferry.

Yes. Actually, there are a number of ferry services here and there that call themselves Superferries.


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