Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Moyers healthcare message to Obama

by Larry Geller

Bill Moyers Journal on PBS is always worthwhile viewing (you can get it as either an audio or video podcast, by the way, which is the way I tune in).

Last week’s show included an essay on the healthcare issue in the form of a message to Obama. I hope Obama has it on his iPod.

PBS doesn’t permit embedding the video here, so may I ask you to click over to this page, where you will find a five-minute video and full transcript of his essay.

It’s not only a commentary on the healthcare debate (if only it were a debate!) but on the current American condition. Moyers also links to a worth-reading article by Henry Giroux.

No snippet here. You have to click to get it.

Check it out.

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I haven't seen too much said about how Obama's education speech was disappeared from Hawaii schools yesterday, on the orders of the superintendent. Apparently I'm the only parent I know who is outraged. Typical answer "Oh, did Obama give a speech?"

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