Sunday, September 27, 2009


DBEDT replies to Henry Curtis’ “Top Down Planning”

by Larry Geller

It’s easy to overlook blog comments, so I would like to elevate a comment received this morning from Ted Peck at DBEDT. He added it to my Thursday post on the Bioenergy Master Plan.

Larry, thanks for commenting! There has been a significant and proactive effort to receive input. The kickoff was held in May 2008 ( . Since then, the process has been open to feedback, from handouts and @

In Sept 2008, another public workshop was held ( . Even the audio is available:

The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute is under contract to compile the document, and they have reached out extensively. On April 2, 2009, (, a public workshop included presentations by the task leads on their preliminary results. All available on the HNEI website.

Now this version, before HNEI submits it to us, is taking feedback. Our report is due 20 days before session, so the public has 3 more months for feedback. We haven't closed the process at all, and will continue to take input at the email address above until we wrap it up to meet our required deadline.

Instead of 9 days, the public has had 16 months, and will have 3 more months and of course plenty of opportunity during next year's session. I believe any assertion that the process hasn't been and doesn't continue to be without opportunity for public comment is without merit. Public comment is a vital part of the product - thanks again for your post and bringing the Bioenergy Master Plan to people's attention.

Ted Peck


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