Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Docs from today’s WAM/FIN legislative hearing

by Larry Geller

As promised, here are the handouts, and a copy of Russ Saito’s slides in color. Each is OCRd so that the pdf files are searchable, but beware of OCR errors if you copy-and-paste from them.

Georgina Kawamura, director of the Department of Budget and Finance disappointed some committee members, I’m sure, when she declined to answer some questions because the subject was not on the agenda. It’s hard to say, of course, if she just did not know the answers, or if she just didn’t want to reply.

Her testimony to the committees consisted of just reading what she had prepared in writing. A copy of her testimony can be downloaded below.

One really good question, not answered with any clarity, was: Where in these numbers are the federal stimulus funds?

I looked, and I didn’t see them.

The second phase of testimony was delivered by Russ Saito, Comptroller of the State of Hawaii. His exhibits are attached below also.

Oh, what about the Office of Elections? It didn’t come up. I’ll check with them tomorrow. Stay tuned.







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