Wednesday, July 08, 2009


What have Congress and Obama done to stop foreclosures?

by Larry Geller

Foreclosure notices Even if you never look at legal notices in the newspaper, I urge you to check out pages B11-B14 in this morning’s Advertiser.

Those huge swaths of gray, page after page, are mortgage foreclosure notices. Even in this fuzzy photo you can see that column after column is the same.

The bankers have been thoroughly bailed out and can go back to their usual tricks. AIG can give out huge bonuses again. They will all sleep well tonight, perhaps in their second or third vacation homes.

Next, please notice that we are well past the first “100 days” of the new administration. It’s July, and people are getting kicked out of their homes, worse than before. The foreclosures are not “toxic.” When people lose their jobs or sustain huge medical bills, they lose their homes also. What’s “toxic” is the lack of concern of our Congress and president for the plight of the average non-banker citizen.

Healthcare reform looks increasingly problematic as lobbyists encircle lawmakers and Obama waffles. Single payer remains off the table. Bankers could care less, but for the rest of us, polls have shown that we favor single payer. Yet Obama avoided answering a direct question about it at his recent press conference. Given affordable healthcare, foreclosures would be fewer.

Someone should bring the legal notices and wave them at him.

If you just can’t get upset at them all, please do take a moment to check out pages B11-B14 in the Hawaii section of today’s paper. Then see if it’s easier to get angry.


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