Friday, July 31, 2009


Tweeted: Bin Laden worked for US until 9/11

by Larry Geller

A tweet from Brad Friedman’s BradBlog pointed to his article on a “bombshell” revelation by whistleblower Sibel Edmonds that

… the US maintained 'intimate relations' with Bin Laden, and the Taliban, "all the way until that day of September 11."

The BradBlog article explains what the US was engaged in at that time:

It is important to understand why: the US outsourced terror operations to al Qaeda and the Taliban for many years, promoting the Islamization of Central Asia in an attempt to personally profit off military sales as well as oil and gas concessions.

The article refers to this transcript of an interview with Edmonds that Friedman conducted guest-hosting on the Mike Malloy show. Audio is also available at this link.

There is also a DailyKos article, Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US till 9/11 (7/31/2009). The article covers various regions and operations. For example, under Chechnya, Albania & Kosovo, it states that

… For his part, Bin Laden donated $25 million to the cause, as well as numerous fighters, and technical expertise, establishing training camps.

US interests also converged with those of al-Qaeda in Kosovo and Albania.

As the articles note, Edmonds testimony has been classified and she has been gagged. Nevertheless, she has managed to reveal information that others may be able to verify. Perhaps one day the gag orders on her will be lifted. Information wants to be free, they say, so one can hope that one day Edmonds’ complete testimony will be available for verification.

What’s missing for me is why and at what point would Bin Laden turn on the US before 9/11, and plot to bite the hand that fed him. Not to doubt that he did, but there seems to be history here that is yet to be written.


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