Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tell CNN what you think of Dobbs insisting Obama is not from Hawaii

by Larry Geller

CNN has an internal split. On one side is this guy Dobbs who is immensely popular, continuing to push the argument that Barack Obama was not born right here, in Hawaii, despite all the evidence that he was, and the absence of evidence that he wasn’t. And on the other side: the rest of CNN.

If you have a free or cheap long distance plan, you can weigh in on this.

Where to call? I usually call the CEO if I can. Maybe it’s my background working at GE, but this seems like something you’d think a CEO would be concerned about. He is CNN President Jonathan Klein:

Jonathan Klein is president of CNN/U.S., responsible for management oversight of all programming, editorial tone and strategic direction of the network. He reports to Jim Walton, president of CNN Worldwide.

And guess what—I have his phone number! You can call and leave whatever message you want for the president of CNN. I just did. I asked whether they plan to just let Dobbs go on and on, since the rest of CNN seems to have debunked what he’s pushing.

Why not call yourself? You get a recording from his administrative assistant, but chances are fair that your message will be noted. Here is the number to call:

CNN President Jonathan Klein—212 275 8263

No sorry, I don’t give out his cell.

Try it. Then you can tell all your friends that you left a message for the president of CNN. And you can help put this nutty issue to rest.


I think it is clear that the affective response to this "He's not an American citizen" is really repressed racism that can't come out as cross burning so its coming out as anti-immigrant discourse. I really think, overall, this is a crisis for white privilege and without a doubt, that impromptu "pledge of allegiance" shows that it is really a crisis for white privilege in America.


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