Tuesday, July 07, 2009


NY Yankees agree to play ball with civil liberties

by Larry Geller

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Last August, New York’s “finest” ejected a Queens man, Bradford Campeau-Laurion, from the old Yankee Stadium (now replaced, a whole other controversy) when he needed to use the restroom during “God Bless America.” Can you imagine? You drink a couple of beers, you gotta pee, and the cops instead grab you and kick you out.

Not only did they create a biological problem, they demonstrated once again that NYC cops have little understanding of or respect for civil liberties, and they got themselves sued by the New York Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the ejected man.

The cops, hired by the Yankees, took the opportunity to demonstrate their legendary brutality. It was bad enough that the bathrooms were inside the stadium and that they took the guy outside (how he dealt with his dilemma is not documented), but:

Campeau-Laurion explained that he needed to use the restroom and attempted to walk past the officer, who grabbed him by the arm before he took a step. A second officer assisted in restraining the baffled fan and forcibly marching him out of the stadium. The officers refused to ease their grip, even though Campeau-Laurion did not resist them.

Yeah, they had a live one, a leftest commie bathroom goer. The guy is lucky they didn’t throw him to the ground and handcuff him.

And I’m not being facetious. Innocent people have suffered grave injuries at the hands of NY police, some have been killed.

Anyway, the city settled and has to pay. This is something else New York City is known for—violate civil liberties and then just pay a settlement later. What a great city.



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