Friday, July 17, 2009


It must have been a conservative plot

by Larry Geller

What other explanation is there?

This is from Sam Smith’s email today from the Progressive Review:

Although your editor has done more than 700 radio and TV interviews, never before last night has he literally caused a station to go off the air. Although his actual role has not been confirmed by authorities, you can't get correlation much closer to causation than when, 27 minutes or so into an afternoon interview with Beth-Ann Kozlovich of Hawaii pubic radio, the station goes off the air because of a power outage that lasts into early the next morning. According to the Star-Bulletin, "About 900 Hawaiian Electric Co. customers, in a mix of high-rise residential and commercial customers, were affected. . . Hawaii Public Radio, with offices on Kaheka Street, went off the air." Meanwhile, at the Review's Freeport, Maine, headquarters, an emergency generator sat futilely a mere fifty feet away.

The sun was shining, no lightning storms, no reason for taking out HPR in prime drive time. I’m entitled to make up my own theories about it.

Sam and Beth-Ann were just getting into some important stuff. I hope HPR still posts the audio of the incomplete broadcast.

And yes, Sam Smith will be back on a future program, I understand.

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