Wednesday, July 29, 2009


How to chase away Japanese tourists

by Larry Geller

I wonder if this Star-Bulletin front page…

Star-Bulletin 7-29-2009 

… might be related to this one

Star-Bulletin 7-27-2009

Surely there must have been something else important happening that day to stick on a front page. Maybe it’s just my opinion against theirs, but my feeling is that the progress of the swine flu (usually referred to these days, if you’re not trying to be sensational, as H1N1) is pretty much old news which could be relegated to an inside page.

Japanese tourists aren’t dumb, they Google like the rest of us. If they are in Hawaii already, they see this headline on the street wherever they go.

I’m guessing that when they get home, they will let their friends know that the flu is still a big front-page concern in Hawaii, and how lucky they were to have escaped it.

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