Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hawaii in the news—nut cases chasing that birth certificate hit prime time again

by Larry Geller

Yes, Hawaii's in the news again. It’s part of the far-right’s attempt to bring down Obama before he does something good like bring about health care reform. They’ve resurrected the birth certificate issue.

Here’s an article on Media Matters for America, a site you may want to bookmark: Lou Dobbs' CNN colleague Roland Martin: "nut jobs" on radio, TV, and Internet promoting "loony" birther story. The article has more links to follow at the bottom.


I think psychologically, we are really looking at what happens when racism is repressed. I find it interesting from a discursive analysis position that the racism is being articulated in terms of unlawful immigration (Lou Dobbs saying he won't say undocumented.) Where Blacks have never been considered full citizens by dominant discourse in America, now that we have a part Black president, those possessed by racism don't know how to articulate it and have moved to unlawful immigration (as a symbolic way of describing boundary transgressing). You can't ignore a Black man if he's president, so clearly he is there illegally!

Well, maybe it's simpler in the case of Dobbs. He has been pounding on illegal immigration for so long now, like really broken record. Illegal=Bad, Undocumente=Bad.

If people are still watching him, night after night, they probably agree with him on badness of undocumented immigrants.

So he's trying to say Obama=Undocumented=Bad.

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