Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Governor Lingle announces vetoes

by Larry Geller

Although the Governor has until midnight to veto bills according to law, by tradition, she sends the list to the Legislature on the morning of the last day. She did so this morning.

The word is that the following bills will become law:

HB1316, HB1379, HB1550, HB1809, SB199, SB300, SB470, SB603, SB1673

All the other bills on the governor’s proposed veto list (pdf) have been or will be vetoed.

Among the bills to be vetoed is HB128, which makes changes increasing the amount of corporate contributions. The Senate will most certainly vote to override, but the House is not certain at this point.

If you’ve been following this and want to make your views known on this (or any of the other bills), you have until about 11:00 when the House goes into caucus on the overrides. All House members can be reached with the single email, but a phone call to your own rep is probably not a bad idea.


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