Friday, July 24, 2009


CNN pres contacts Dobbs on Obama birth certificate issue

by Larry Geller

Obama was born in Hawaii. Ok, he left, but he was born here and that’s important. Not compared to health care or foreclosures, but you know.

Early yesterday morning I asked Disappeared News readers to Tell CNN what you think of Dobbs insisting Obama is not from Hawaii. I know some of you did just that, because several of you phoned me to say that the voicemail recording said to call someone else after July 24, giving a new number.

Well, maybe it worked. I don’t know what you all said, but later that day, at 7 p.m. Eastern time, CNN president Jonathan Klein sent his own email to Lou Dobbs’ staffers about Dobbs’ persistence on the issue when other CNN programs debunked it.

In part, Klein writes, "It seems this story is dead- because anyone who still is not convinced doesn't really have a legitimate beef." Klein asked CNN researchers to dig into the question of why Obama couldn't produce the original birth certificate. The researchers contacted the Hawaii Health Dept. and confirmed that paper documents were discarded in 2001 when the department went paperless. That reportedly includes Pres. Obama's original birth certificate. [TVNewser, Jon Klein on Birthers: "It Seems This Story is Dead", 7/24/2009]

That didn’t stop Dobbs from carrying on about the original birth certificate later that night.

So thanks to all who called! A few people calling the right person can make a difference.

Now, what will it take to get single-payer health insurance? Certainly more than a few phone calls (sigh).


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