Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Winning the hearts and minds of Pakistanis 60 deaths at at time

by Larry Geller

The guy was already dead. Surely the idiot who pushed the trigger button knew he was bombing a funeral. Or was he ordered to do it?

US Drone Attack Kills 60 in Pakistan

At least sixty people have been killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan’s South Waziristan region. Pakistani officials say the bombing struck a funeral for a Taliban commander who died in an earlier attack. The missiles were reportedly launched as funeral-goers dispersed after delivering prayers. It was the deadliest of more than twenty US drone attacks so far this year. [Democracy Now, 6/24/2009]

Al Jazeera quotes an un-named US official:

Questioned about the reported attacks, a US defence department official said: "There are no US military strike operations being conducted in Pakistan." [, 6/24/2009]

But eyewitnesses differ:

"I saw three drones, they dropped bombs," Sohail Mehsud, a resident of Makeen, said.

And 60 civilians are dead (other estimates are higher, 70 or 80 so far).

The entire world should be condemning the US’ use of drones to kill civilians. Where are they? C’mon world, squeak up, you cowards. Make us stop. (sigh)

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