Sunday, June 28, 2009


Twitter on Honduras coup

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by Larry Geller

Update: With cell phones and landlines cut off, it would seem unlikely that there’s much twittering originating within the country. Google doesn’t say if there is any Internet or not… meanwhile, the Organization of American States has been streaming video live and archived here.

Ok, I’m trying to see if checking Twitters on #honduras or one of the other keywords is any advantage.

CNN seems almost as quick with the news, and it’s in English (could they be watching Twitter also? Probably!). My junior high Spanish is enough to get the gist of the tweets, but it’s not easy reading. The links have been good, though.

At last look, tweets were discussing the appointment of a new president. But CNN has the same, and some background to it.

Besides, how do I know where the tweets are coming from?

Being a passive spectator of CNN or Google News is certainly easier. The info is packaged and delivered to my screen. So I’m trying to break through my resistance to just sitting here and letting CNN do the work. Actually… lots of other things happening besides the coup, which CNN or Google displays but the tweets do not…

Now, I think with Tweetdeck I can watch tweets and run my browser at the same time. Is there an even better way?


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