Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Governor’s potential veto list is out

by Larry Geller

Gee, the Advertiser breaking news doesn’t have it yet, but the Star-Bulletin does. I depend on the Adv. for breaking news, and this was expected, so they should have been on the alert. Now, if they did, and I'm the one who missed it, I’m sure to get a nastygram or two.

The list is here (pdf file).

On this list is HB128, which drastically increases contribution limits to state legislators from out of state, among other things. I hope it does get vetoed. Also there is the “card check” bill with a feeble excuse for why the gov wants it vetoed (should could just have said “ ‘cause I’m a Republican” and we would understand). That should be overridden. And the Internet tax bill, probably a bad idea, I’ll discuss that one separately.

And many more.

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