Friday, May 15, 2009


The most disappeared news of all--The Bilderberg group now meeting in Greece

by Larry Geller

It seems that the press avoids reporting on this, though some stories can be found. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory that the world’s most powerful people meet each year in secrecy, though it may be a conspiracy.

From today until May 17, approximately 150 of the most influential members of the world's elite will be meeting behind closed doors at a hotel in Greece. They are called the Bilderberg Group or the "Bilderbergers," and you have probably never heard of them.

The group, co-founded by Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, has been meeting in secret every year since 1954. This year, says the British broadsheet The Times, they are meeting at the Nafsika Astir Palace in Vouliagmeni.

The individuals at the meeting come from such power houses as Google and the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Senate and European royalty. Governments, the banking industry, big oil, media and even the world of academia are amongst the Bilderberg ranks. [Haaretz, Are the people who 'really run the world' meeting this weekend?, 5/14/2009]

There are also a couple of other articles which Google will find for you, like this one. The Guardian (UK) has an article that refers to their Bilderberg files. And then there is this: Geithner To Take Orders From Global Elite At Bilderberg.

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