Monday, May 18, 2009


Honolulu rail could make the Superferry look like only a small blunder

by Larry Geller

Blogs are criticized for merely echoing what news reporters cover in “legitimate” newsgathering organizations. I won’t dispute that, in fact I’ll embrace it.

The “echosphere” function is perfectly valid. It’s what bloggers do because we don’t get our writing delivered to your doorstep each morning. So we circulate information by connecting you to the worthwhile writing of others as well as our own.

Ian Lind’s writing on Honolulu transit is not only original (i.e., not an “echo”) but vital to understanding the expensive game playing out at Honolulu City Hall.

One day there’s going to be a book or movie about this.

In the meantime, since my preference is to send you to where the action is, please scoot on over to Ian’s article this morning, Monday…$1 Billion in Rail funds included in CIP budget, attorney general lawsuit alleges Gannett conspiracy to cloze AZ newspaper to learn that this billion in spending will not come from the feds, but out of our taxes, and more.

You can use this Google search to snag more of Ian’s writing on transit and this Google search to locate some of my articles.

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