Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Guardian reports Rupert Murdoch plans to charge for newspaper website access

by Larry Geller

Well, he must not think that ads will do the job. I don’t either, but who am I. He wants to charge for access to the newspaper websites in his vast newspaper empire.

Taking questions on a conference call with reporters and analysts, he said that moves could begin "within the next 12 months‚" adding: "The current days of the internet will soon be over." [Guardian,UK, News Corp will charge for newspaper websites, says Rupert Murdoch, 5/7/2009]

Also a bit of unrelated news at the bottom of the article:

Meanwhile a threat to close the Boston Globe was averted today as its owner, the New York Times Company, struck a deal with the daily's largest union after a week of talks; the 137-year-old publication is the the 14th biggest-selling US paper.

I say “good news” without yet knowing what concessions the unions made. There will be more stories out on the web explaining it, still free for the moment.


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