Friday, May 01, 2009


Google illustrates Hawaii’s unemployment gap

by Larry Geller

Google has started a new service to present public data. The first data they have made available is US unemployment data. If you click the graph below, you’ll get the live application. You can position your cursor over data points to get the values.

Hawaii Unemployment

It’s getting scary, huh? The highest unemployment rate at the right side is 10.2 %, and we know that this figure doesn’t include those who are underemployed or who have given up.

It’s too early to tell, but it appears that the spread between Oahu and the other islands is increasing again, the way it was prior to around the year 2000.

What should lawmakers be doing? Between sessions maybe we need to continue dialogues with experts and ordinary citizens so that we can react in beneficial ways to this economic crisis brought to us from a continent away.


look at Maui and the Big Island -- there really isn't an infinite number of super rich people from the U.S. mainland to buy up newly built multi-million dollar luxury-condo gated-community properties! what ever will these two counties do without the construction industry?

Developers destroy as they build.

But tell me, I really am not familiar with the job situation on Neighbor Islands. I assume there is tourism. That's a given. Is there anything else? I'm serious. If each island were to hold a meeting to discuss the economic situation and job creation, what might they talk about? What would the possibilities be?

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