Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Civil Union bill can move if given a push

by Larry Geller

It’s not over at the state legislature till it’s over, and I’m a bit afraid to jinx things, but heck, it looks like those of you who called or wrote to legislators or submitted testimony made a big difference. The communications czar seems dead, there is no $50,000 limit on corporate campaign contributions, and (so far, anyway) the legislature has not managed to raid the clean elections fund. Much has turned out ok, though some problems also got through.

But one piece of work still remains: there are strategies under way to break loose the civil unions bill, HB444. It can be done, and in the next few days. Most if not all the strategies involve getting more senators on board. So if you support civil unions, equality and civil liberties, please continue to use your email-writing powers to request that HB444 be passed. Or phone calls, faxes, however you like. It can be done.

Henry Curtis has posted several YouTube videos exploring the subject of civil unions. Check these out, and then please get on the emails to your representatives.




(Henry’s channel on YouTube with all his videos is here.)

n_Gen Image-63

You can reach all senators at sens@capitol.hawaii.gov. Or call. Time is running out, please do something right away.


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