Tuesday, May 19, 2009


72-year-old McCain tweets a flip-flop

by Larry Geller

The suddenness of Twitter’s ascent to popularity has amazed me. It used to be that if an organization didn’t have a web page, it didn’t exist. Then, if you didn’t have a blog, you were a nobody. Now, if you don’t tweet, you’re not among the living at all.

Can you believe? An aging failed presidential candidate is out there tweeting with the youngest of them. The Political Animal blog reports on McCain’s reversal on cap-and-trade legislation:

Sen. John McCain now appears to oppose climate-change legislation, an abrupt switch that could seriously threaten any movement on such a bill.

"Nearly 1000 page Climate Change legislation -- appears to be a cap & tax bill that I won't support," McCain wrote in a Twitter message Monday, a reversal of the position he took on the Senate floor in March.

No maverick this McCain, he’s right there with everyone else, adopting the latest fad.


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