Sunday, April 26, 2009


The swine flu is coming (?), so learn to cough Please!

by Larry Geller

Well, it’s not the bird flu, it’s the swine flu, go figure. It’s coming, or maybe it isn’t. We won’t know for a while.

What to do? Learn to cough. Teach family members and friends how to cough so they (and you!) won’t get the flu.

"Do you have enough food in your home, enough water, do you know how you'll fund yourself if you need funds," she said.

But there are other ways to keep yourself and others around you safe from this deadly flu.

"Not attending those luaus, potlucks or paddling practices or whatever, think how this will impact all of that," she said. "It's almost ironic how this is real life scenario, really emphasizes the discussion we've been having in terms of our public engaging project regarding pandemic flu." [KHNL, State health leaders urge people to prepare for swine flu, 4/25/2009]

Realistically, we’re all going to go to our luaus when invited, at least for now. Who believes the swine flu will hit them until it actually does?

One thing that will help prevent its spread is to learn to cough into your sleeve. It’s magic. The germs stay there and die and won’t be passed on. Health professionals know this. Staff in nursing homes know this. You can learn the habit and encourage others to do the same, for your own good. Ok, at least bookmark the next link, you’ll need it if the flu does come here. You’ll want your family to learn this. Right? Right.

I found a great video produced by an outfit called OtoRhinoLounsburgology Productions. The video is here. I would love to stream it from this web page, but they are very clear that they want $175 from me in order to do that. So instead, I’ll just send you over to their website. Check out the video, it’s really a fun treatment of the crazy topic of how to cough so you don’t pass on germs.

Meanwhile, while shopping today, I was wondering if the flu could be passed along on shopping cart handles. I bet it could. If this evil flu does come here, it’s going to take some ingenuity to avoid picking up the germs. Or, I suppose, I could just spend my time Twittering all day, or visit Second Life instead of going anywhere. No germs in Second Life. One day business meetings will be conducted in Second Life anyway, saves a lot of airfare etc. Might as well get used to it (see: Using Second Life For Meetings And Collaborations). Ok, here’s a video I can show you, from Working in Second Life:

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