Tuesday, April 21, 2009


New Google tool shows Superferry timeline

by Larry Geller

Google Labs has posted a new tool, a news timeline. It’s really cool. It doesn’t permit searches to be save or linked with a URL yet, so I took a snippet. Click on the image below to view the snippet.

This snippet has every article Google News indexed for “Hawaii Superferry” displayed on a timeline. So it’s quick to get the big picture.

Superferry Timeline

This might be handy to research many topics. It’s not easy to save the results yet, though.

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Now I feel like Jerry Mander's book was a total waste of money!

Hey, wait-a-minute. The timeline was only part of "The Superferry Chronicles." The book's greatest value was its collection of moving, heartfelt testimonies from people all over the islands speaking in defense of natural and social justice. These were not selfish, environmentalist transplants from the mainland, as they've told us again and again. These were people of every size, shape, color and age coming forward in countless hearings to stand up for the land and for democracy. They are not lobbyists. They are not paid for this. They simply care. And in their caring, their eloquence shines through. That is the value of "The Superferry Chronicles."

Nowhere else (including on Google) has the passion and diversity of these voices been recorded for posterity. Usually, at these hearings, such voices are forgotten forever.

It would have been a much better written book, if it had actually been written and not just part collection of news clips and part collection of testimonies. This is why Land and Power in Hawai'i, From a Native Daughter and Catch a Wave will continue to be cited as an authority on their topics -- because of the ability to organize all of the available information and less than readily accessible data -- and the Superferry Chronicles will only be owned and referred to by people who have strong sentimentality towards lingle's boondoggle and others who were suckered into pre-ordering. I still think buying the book was a waste of my money and any critical claim regarding its overall value is just narcissism (from my perspective). We can agree to disagree.

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