Sunday, April 26, 2009


Life of the Land questions: What does "no new fossil fuel" mean?

Henry Curtis asks some key questions in an email circulated this morning:

What does "no new fossil fuel" mean?

Should we replace imported petroleum oil with imported palm oil from recently clear-cutted tropical rainforests?

Didn't the State Auditor conclude this week that DBEDT has mis-handled a large number of procurement bids?

Isn't the Senate Ways and Means Committee investigating DBEDT?

Should we endorse the DBEDT's Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI)?

Neither the HCEI Memorandum of Understanding (January 2008) nor the HCEI Energy Agreement (October 2008) mentions ''no new fossil fuel.''

HB 1464 purports to ban new fossil fuel power plants. But doesn't it allow an exception for anyone who wants to build a new fossil fuel power plants?

Doesn't the bill exempt anyone who meets at least ONE of the following exemptions:
(a) co-ops;

(b) non-utilities;

(c) using green fuel made from fossil fuel;

(d) using fuel mixtures containing 0.1% biofuel; and

(e) creating power from multiple 2.5 MW generators.

Shouldn't the focus be on banning high climate impact power plants?


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