Thursday, April 30, 2009


Legislature about to steal your $3 election fund contribution

by Larry Geller

Heck, it costs more to buy almost anything than the $3 I checked off to contribute to the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund on my Hawaii State Income Tax return just two weeks ago. Between the two of us, we contributed $6. So why get pissed off? Because I specifically checked that box to make sure Hawaii can have clean elections, that’s why. I didn’t check it so that lawmakers can steal it.

Election Fund

It makes me hopping mad that our state legislators, who have been trying this whole session to defeat clean elections, have found an insidious way to do that. I think it’s dirty and underhanded.

It seems that SB884,which already takes the interest away from the HECF, might be amended to steal most of the rest—bringing the total below $3.5 million, which would leave the Big Isle Fair Elections Act, Act 244, unable to operate.

That’s right—what they couldn’t achieve fair and square, raising corporate campaign contribution limits—they want to achieve by stealing the HECF money and putting it into the general fund. Without that money, there will be no choice for candidates but to take corporate contributions. Those who are unwilling to sell their souls to corporate devils won’t get the funds they need to run.

That may have constitutional problems, but who will challenge it?

The bill will be heard in conference today at 1:15, and then goes to floor vote. Please act now to stop it.

Send email or call your state representatives. In your own words, say something like “hands off the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund money.” Say that you checked off your contribution for that specific purpose, and that the legislature has no right to steal it away. Please say it any way you like, but please don’t delay. Tell them not to take any HECF money (including the interest, which is a large hunk of it).

n_Gen Image-51 You can reach all representatives at and all senators at Or call. Please.

Get mad, it’s ok, after all, they’re thinking of stealing your money.



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