Wednesday, April 01, 2009


A ferry even more super than Hawaii’s

by Larry Geller

Would you believe Austal has been selected to build this huge ferry, even bigger than the one they sent us (click the link below for the article and a pic):

The 112.6 metre boat - with a maximum speed of 72kmh - will be the largest catamaran ever built by the Henderson-based company and will be used on the crossing between Denmark and Sweden.

With the ability to carry 1400 passengers and 357 cars, it would be one of the top 10 ferries in the world in terms of capacity, Austal managing director Bob Browning said.

Austal was selected following a "competitive" international tender, beating off several competing aluminium catamaran designs.

The ferry would have to comply with Danish environmental conditions, which are among the world's most stringent. The catamaran would have two levels of passenger seating, three car decks, two child's play rooms and a dedicated shopping area.[Western Australia Today, WA shipbuilder to construct superferry, 4/2/2009]

Hmmm… why is “competitive” in quotes in the third paragraph, I wonder. Either the selection process was competitive or it was not. Do the quotes imply something funny was involved? We could tell them a few things about funny business and ferries.

The last paragraph indicates that Danish environmental conditions are among the world’s most stringent. Wondering again, do you think the Danes would waive them? Probably not. It takes a Banana Republic to do business that way.

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At least it was "competitive" and not "stringent environmental conditions"

Interesting that on Austal's website they only say it is powered by "4 diesel engines." They don't say what type, size, or kW. If they said that we would know right off the bat how fuel and emissions efficient it is or is not.

Brad, maybe they don't know yet what engines it will have. I suspect the Danes will be on top of this, though. Except I still don't understand the quotes around "competitive."

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