Saturday, April 18, 2009


Curious about feed-in tariffs? No? Well, at least read why Hawaii should have one

by Larry Geller

Ok, if you read the earlier article, you know that the PUC, Life of the Land, and others were duking it out for a whole week on something called a “feed-in tariff.” It seems that having a good one of these really helps make a rapid shift to renewable energies possible.

In the United States, though, oil is still king. Compared to European countries, for example, we’re way behind in substituting renewables to lower our dependence on imported oil, and, of course, in saving the planet.

Brad Parsons posted a video explaining feed-in tariffs and why Germany, in particular, has done so well with them. Germany is a cold place, something like Alaska in terms of the number of sunny days, but they beat us easily in making use of the sun. Check out the video over at Brad’s Aloha Analytics blog.

There is more information, videos, and slides on feed-in tariffs over at this website, including a clear explanation of what a good feed-in tariff law would look like:


Check this stuff out, particularly if you’d like the option of supplying electricity to an independent power grid one day, or if you’d like to be able to buy your electricity from a company that doesn’t burn oil to produce it.



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