Thursday, April 09, 2009


Can do Kauai

by Larry Geller

(caught by Jeff Sacher via Brad Parsons, Thanks)

As this CNN story Island DIY: Kauai residents don't wait for state to repair road begins:

Their livelihood was being threatened, and they were tired of waiting for government help, so business owners and residents on Hawaii's Kauai island pulled together and completed a $4 million repair job to a state park -- for free.

It could have taken DLNR and our state government years to fix, if they did it at all in today’s difficult economy. Kauai stepped up to the plate. Now they’ve been recognized by this story in the national media. Good work, Kauai!

So for Oahu people still waiting for Mufi to fill potholes or for the city or state to make badly needed repairs, here’s an example for you.

It’s also an example of how they take care of their island over on Kauai. It fits with keeping the negative effects of a superferry out, and defending culturally significant areas against wanton development.

Anyone who has been reading about Kauai on Joan Conrow’s website will know what I mean by putting these things together.

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The only problem is the CNN story is all BS except for the fact that it happened.

Bruce Pleas- a local surfer and activist whose name isn’t even mentioned in the article- put the whole thing together along with the local community because Polihale is their prime recreational playground on the west side. THEN the local businesses started to chip in and THEN the ones who depend on it for business chipped in a small- very small- amount.

And what about the supposed $4 million price tag that was done for probably less than 5% of that? That’s the real story.

This is just again shows why we should not relie on Goverment. 5% of the 4 million done in 8 days. See what happens when people are not handed everything. This is what america was built on. Not hand outs!!! good for you guys!!

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