Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Superferry as floating restaurant redux

by Larry Geller

Ok, I got some calls asking what happened to my idea for the Superferry as floating restaurant. I guess now is the time for a re-run.

I mentioned it a couple of times. Here’s the most recent, with an Obama theme.

So how about they drop anchor in Honolulu Harbor, cook up a mess of food, offer free parking, maybe even do off-Broadway theatre, and let a full EIS complete.

When it’s done they can decide whether to stay on as a floating restaurant or try battling the waves again.

Other possibilities can be found here, and no doubt you have your own suggestions. Check out:

  1. Superferry as floating restaurant
  2. Floating prison to bring back our Mainland prisoners closer to home and eliminate the NIMBY problem completely
  3. Avoid cultural clashes, put the Mauna Kea telescopes on the ferry and push it out to sea
  4. Floating State Capitol – bring the legislators to the people, and democracy to Neighbor Islands


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