Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Rep. Cynthia Thielen on Penguin Bank incursion

by Larry Geller

Rep. Cynthia Thielen, long the strongest voice for alternative energy in the Legislature, quite properly took the Advertiser to task for its front-page promotion of the Penguin Bank wind/wave proposal by a Washington state company. In her letter printed in the paper today, she writes (snippet):

Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Co. has not yet developed an economically viable wave energy converter. Grays Harbor is not commercially established and has yet to put any wind or wave energy platforms in the water. Unfortunately, The Advertiser gave this company front-page coverage in its Sunday edition, lending it credibility. While 300-foot-tall wave energy platforms are excellent attention-grabbers, the paper should have asked some tough questions about the company's intentions, and the viability of its wave energy converters.

Hawai'i should continue on the track toward an energy-independent future by welcoming the many other companies that have proven clean, viable and responsible wave energy converters.

I’m wondering, though, who will provide wave power to Hawaii’s long-suffering electric power consumers. Unless the state takes the initiative, won’t outside companies follow the example of this one and just move in on our waters? They have filed for the necessary federal permits, and they could get them. Then what?

Life of the Land has filed to be an intervener. The state, unless I’m missing something in the federal maze, has not. We’ll have to depend on them to look after our interests. Please visit Henry’s website and support his efforts. Other organizations concerned about the whale sanctuary might want to do the same. Life of the Land’s intervention may be the only defense that we and the whales have against this incursion .


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