Sunday, March 01, 2009


Joan Conrow on newspaper meltdown

Click on over to Joan Conrow’s article, Musings: Death of the Dailies. Here are a couple of snippets, but I’ve left the best of her article for you to discover when you click.

As I watch the diminishment and demise of daily printed newspapers, which are the foundation of my profession, I’m left wondering where the information biz is going from here. Surely some people still want access to real news and original reporting, the kind that unpaid bloggers and “citizen journalists” have neither the time nor skill to provide with much consistency.

(out of order, this came first:)

As the Oahu dailies hunker down in Honolulu, the voices of Neighbor Islanders will grow even fainter, and our needs and interests will slip further from the consciousness of the decision-makers, money-distributors and power-brokers who congregate there.

Go click, it’s a great article.


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