Wednesday, March 04, 2009


House Finance committee sets $50,000 limit for corporate treasury contributions

by Larry Geller

Breaking news. Hawaii will have broken with other states that limit corporate contributions. At 9:31 p.m. the Finance Committee unanimously voted for amendments to HB215 including a $50,000 limit. The limit that the Judiciary committee had to pull back from was $25,000 in the earlier bill, HB539. The current limit is $1,000 subject to a pending court ruling on whether that applies to all contributions in total from one corporation, or to each.

The video clip is rendering, I’ll replace this post with the video and more details as soon as it is ready.


I still think this is all a distraction. Our regulation in this area should require corporations that donate to disclose all shareholders (legal) and their percentage ownership in the corporation. Because even if Campaign Spending's interpretation is upheld by the appeals court (and overturns the Maui decision), it only costs about $100 to incorporate. So the limit itself really is truly meaningless anyway whether its $1,000 or $50,000.

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