Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Afghan woman offers wise guidance on unwise war

by Larry Geller

It would surely burn them up, these men fighting in Afghanistan, to even suggest that they listen to the words of a woman about anything. It would probably burn them up, those warlords in Afghanistan, to suggest that they take her advice.

It would probably burn them up, those warlords in Washington, to suggest that they listen to this Afghan woman about how they should negotiate and end their interminable, destructive war there. It would probably even burn up Barack Obama, who plans to send more troops to their deaths in a land we are not at war with.

Rangina Hamidi is someone everyone might listen to.

From the Democracy Now webpage: Rangina Hamidi is an Afghan activist and founder of kandahartreasure.com, the first women-run business in her hometown of Kandahar.

This snip is from the end of the interview. I usually don’t quote something this long, but here it is, because I think it’s very worth reading. Click to the Democracy Now article to hear Rangina in her own voice.


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