Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Campaign spending bill recommitted

by Larry Geller

Usually, a vote to recommit a bill in the House kills it.

But nothing is over until they close up shop in May… so we need to be vigilant.

I’m told that the next bill to watch, because campaign spending changes can be made by amending it, is HB215 which comes up for hearing before the House Finance Committee on Friday.

Anything can happen. If you feel like emailing to help prevent any strange things from happening on Friday, click on the link above for members of the Finance Committee.

The DailyKos article mentioned is this one. Yeah, I got carried away a bit, but I was given a great opportunity. I’ll post another describing the outcome later today.

But back to the risk that Hawaii’s campaign finance progress could be reversed this session, we don’t know yet what the Senate will do. House Bill HB539 actually has a ‘lil companion, SB181. It also is fast-tracked with a single referral, and is backed by Senate leadership (it was introduced by Senate President Hanabusa). It has not yet been scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. If you’re still in an emailing mood, it wouldn’t hurt to email the Chair of that committee, Sen. Brian Taniguchi at and ask him not to schedule this bill for a hearing. Yes, your emails do count. Please try, it’s easy to do.

Back to the House to wrap up, we don’t know what House leadership is thinking. Maybe they realized that what happened at the Judiciary committee was not the best thing, but that doesn’t mean that they have given up. That’s why I hope you’ll email the House Finance committee or submit testimony on HB215. Let’s not have any tricks sprung on us.

And thanks to everyone for your help!

(please share videos or other information)



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